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April 23, 2014
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Adobe ripping off UK customers


I’ll get straight to the point. Adobe are still ripping off their customers in Europe and the UK.

ADOBE RIP OFFAs a web developer I use tools such as dream weaver and photo shop, both ADOBE products.
Now, as I work on many computers in may offices I though its time to subscribe to ADOBE Creative Cloud. This gives you the complete cloud based package, dream weaver, phtoshop and more.
for $49 a month thats about £32 a month. Not bad for always up to date software that would cost me thousands to buy.

However it appears that ADOBE don’t share the “global community” ethos of the webs founding father’s.
ADOBE are charging UK customers $74 for the very same service that they charge $49 in the USA

Now they call it the “Cloud”, That, conjures up a vision of something that is the same the world over from country to country, clouds are the same in Hull as they are New York. Not the creative cloud.

I contacted ADOBE about this discrepancy in prices and they got back to me within about 5 mins. I should have skipped to the final paragraph..

“The cost of doing business in the rest of the UK is higher than in North America. That higher cost is reflected in some of our pricing and would remain no matter how customers chose to purchase. We establish our prices for Creative Suite products in U.S. dollars, Euro’s, Yen, British Pound and Australian dollars on a regional basis using a consistent methodology, Local market conditions.”

As ADOBES Creative suite is a cloud based product rather than a physical product One can only conclude that the “Higher costs of doing business” that adobe refer to are not their costs but our costs. I’m sure you have got it but I’ll translate, “The UK is an expensive place live and work. We know all about rip off Britain and how the people of those little islands just put up and shut up. We charge what we think we can squeeze out of you”

Its not just UK designers who are getting ripped off. The price discrimination is the same across Europe.
The same was the case in Australia until the Australian Government stepped in and pressured ADOBE to bring its prices in line with what they charge in the USA.

The world wide web is a wonderful thing. Since its conception in 1993 we have a truly global community. A community where everyone is equal. Regardless of who or where we are the net gives everybody an equal platform. In fact the world wide web foundations own website explains “Non-discrimination: If I pay to connect to the Internet with a certain quality of service, and you pay to connect with that or a greater quality of service, then we can both communicate at the same level. This principle of equity is also known as Net Neutrality.

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